Thanks to the trees planted in our forests, more than sixty thousand crowns for the Firefly

After a one-year break, the company LESCUS Cetkovice prepared another year of the event focused on the planting of new forests, which died due to drought and damage by spruce lichen-eater and had to be felled. For each tree planted within the event, the company undertook to contribute CZK 3 to the Czech Radio Endowment Fund with the Firefly project. In total, more than 20,000 seedlings were planted. 

The betting took place on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th October and took place in three places - near Ledče nad Sázavou, near Velké Opatovice and in Bruntál.

Deciduous trees with the highest proportion of oak and beech and coniferous trees dominated by pine trees were used for forest regeneration. Spruce was also used to a lesser extent in suitable habitats. The aim is to create species-diverse forests that will be able to withstand more climate change and new diseases or pests.


The purpose of the event was to acquaint participants with current events in our forests, to support the restoration of forests, which are currently important for fulfilling non-productive functions of the forest (soil protection, water management, recreation, etc.) and help a little more by supporting Firefly, which helps blind people.

The betting took place under the professional supervision and assistance of LESCUS Cetkovice staff, who explained to the participants how the planting was carried out and throughout the betting was assisted both in the organization and in the digging of the holes. The good result of the event was mainly helped by the involvement of several primary and secondary schools and the participation of other volunteers. In total, about 450 participants took part in the betting. 


Despite the rainy and cold weather, which was the first day, thanks to the great work of all participants, a total of 20,150 new trees were planted.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the event, helped in its implementation, supported our efforts, and above all planted trees for the Firefly.